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China High Quality Phosphorus Pentoxide

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name LOYAL
Certification ISO,CE
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price $8,000.00 - $32,000.00 / Sets
Payment Terms L/C,D/P

Product Features

Physicochemical properties
It's a kind of transparently clear fuming liquid with relative density of 1.574, melting point of -112°Cand boiling point of 75.5°C.It can be dissovled in ether, ben-zene, tetrachoride, carbon disulfide. Phosphorous acid and hydrogen chloride can be generated when exposed to moist air, then it degenerates and gives off white smoke.Violent decomposition happens when exposed to water which can give off hydrogen chloride gas.PCL3 and PCL5 can be generated when reacts with oxygen and chlorine,respectively. Fire is easily taken when it contacts with organic compound .And it's combustible, irritative,corrosive and toxic.


Use:in synthesis of phosphorus oxychloride, metaphosphoric acid; in manufacture of acrylate, surface active agent; in refining of drugs and sugar; as dehydrating agent, desiccant, antistatic agent; analytical reagent.



Phosphorous pentoxide is usual material and reagent in chemical industry, this product is widely used in the industries of medicine, coating auxiliaries, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, anti static additive, titanate coupling agent, phosphorous oxychloride, chemical, etc.
Mainly used in producing high purity phosphorous acid, used as desiccant of gas and liquid, dehydrant of organic synthesis.

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