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Calcium chloride powder 94%min

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification CE,ISO
Min.Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiable
Payment Terms D/A,D/P

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Product Details

Calcium chloride, a salt composed of chlorine and calcium, has the chemical formula CaCl2. Slightly bitter, tasteless. It is a typical ionic halide that is white, hard crumb or granules at room temperature. Common applications include brines, road melting agents and desiccants for refrigeration equipment.


1).Granular anhydrous calcium chloride can be used as drying agent for drying nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur dioxide gases.

2 ) .It also can be used as dehydrating agent in producing alcohol, ester, ether and propylene resin.

3.Hydrotropic solution of calcium chloride is the important cryogen for refrigerator and ice making.

4 ) .It is also a good anti-freeze agent and agglomerating agent in construction for concrete hardening and cold hardiness of sand mortar.

5).It's very important raw materials for de-ink of waste paper and calcium salt.

6).Calcium chloride injections are used as a medical treatment for a number of conditions.

7).Calcium chloride may also be used as an additive to swimming pools, fabric softeners and fire extinguishers.

8).It's also used as antifogging agent in harbors, dust collection agent of road surface, fire-proofing agent of fabrics, protective agent and fining agent of aluminum and magnesium metallurgy, precipitant for lake pigments, etc.


1. Are you manufacturer?
Yes,  we can supply the goods with long-term validity and stability.We also can accept OEM and ODM orders.

2.What is your payment term?
We can accept T/T and L/C at sight as payment term.

3.What about the delivery time?

Within 7 days after receiving your payment.

4.Do you have any certificate regarding quality control?
Yes,we have ISO9001:2008 certificate to assure you the quality.

5.Do you provide free sample?
Yes, we can provide free sample . You only need to take the express fee.

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